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My 15-Week HIITCamp Program Includes:

- 25 Brand New, Exclusive HIIT Workout Videos
- Downloadable Workout Guides For Each Phase
- 7 Day Meal Plan With 30 Bonus Recipes
- Monthly Workout Email Reminders
- 15 Week Structured Plan
- Full Length Restorative Yoga Routines

The Results Are Real...

Check out the feedback from my last program:

"I loved every part of this program!"

I've always jumped around from different types of exercise until I found your workouts! I'm addicted! So hard but so rewarding! I've definitely seen my strength, endurance and form increase greatly! I can't wait until your next challenge! Thank you greatly for helping me become more fit! 🙂
- Jamie Bryan

"Christine this was an amazing experience!!"

I will never thank you enough for being my inspiration and motivating me every single day!! I'm so sad today I finished my 6 weeks challenge with you.. I wished it would never end!! What am I gonna do now!? I want you every day in my workout routine!! You are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Donna Gomirato

"Awesome! 6 weeks full of energy 😊 "

Thank you Christine, you are so lovely and full of energy girl! I liked this so much. I'm really bad at long workouts but this was inspiring. I like you and all the trainings ☺
- Tanja Aaltola

Individual Fitness Results May Vary

What Are Your Old Workouts Missing?

How many times have you said to yourself, "I'm going to get into shape?".  You go to the gym, or you buy some tapes, and then you just feel lost about a week or two in.  You're bored, you haven't seen results yet and your cupcake cravings are getting the best of you.  Most programs I've experienced are either too hardcore to be sustainable, don't give enough direction, or don't provide a healthy and satisfying meal plan.  In a world with a lot of distractions I personally find it really helpful to know exactly what to do.

You guys are lucky ducks with these easy to follow, beautiful workout guides.  As you see in most of my workout videos I scribble down my routine on a piece of paper, which helps me stay on track.  Don't I wish someone would make me a nice, clear print out to follow, so I don't have to squint!  Maybe then I wouldn't need glasses!  LOL!  Okay, but seriously guys, these workout guides will make it easy for you to follow me during the workout and to know where you're at in the program.

The Meal Plan included has some of my favorite recipes in it!  They're delicious, healthy, and easy recipes that will help your body transform along with the workouts.  So many people ask me what kind of diet they should follow and how many calories they should eat to lose weight and get fit, but it's not about dieting.  It's about finding a sustainable way of eating that fuels your workouts and gives you plenty of energy.  These recipes are also designed to help your digestion be optimal, so you can get that flat belly you've always wanted!

More Reviews From Last Program:

"Thank you for creating the 6 week challenge"

It was incredibly hard at times but the results and my improved strength and endurance pushed me to finish every time. I look forward to your next challenge.  I love all of your workouts in general. They have made me really enjoy my workouts again and see results faster than ever! - Kristin Ritter

"Hardcore! I am exhausted! What an awesome 6 weeks!"

- Alexandria Moseley

"Great 6 weeks! I know I have leaned out and made muscle"

Thanks Christine!!
- Lori O.

Individual Fitness Results May Vary

Got Questions?

I'm just getting started.  Will I be able to do these workouts?
These workouts are designed to be High Intensity, but they can be modified for any fitness level.  I've included beginner modifications for each workout.  So if you're up for the challenge ~ let's do it!

I already watch your YouTube videos?  Why should I get HIITCamp?
One of the most frequent requests I get is to make a structured workout program.  While my YouTube videos can be very helpful, you're going to get the most benefits from working out consistently.  I've designed this program to progressively get more challenging as more workouts are added in.  This program also includes workout guides, recipes and a meal plan.  If you're looking to get into better shape - you'll want to join my HIITCamp Program.