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Join My 15-Week HIITCamp Workout Program and Get In The Best Shape of Your Life!

Here's just a few of the perks of becoming a "Bloomer"...

From Live Hangouts to New Friends, Our Community is The Perfect Place For You

"Christine this was for me an amazing experience!! I will never thank you enough for being my inspiration and motivating me every single day!!
I'm so sad today I finished my 6 weeks challenge with you.. I wish will never end!! What am I gonna do now!? I want you every day in my workout routine!! You are the best!
Thank you Thank you thank you!"
- Donna Gomirato

"Awesome! 6 weeks full of energy 😊 Thank you Christine you are so lovely and full energy girl! I liked so much. I'm really bad so long workouts with but this was inspiring. I like you all the trainings ☺"
- Tanja Aaltola

"Hardcore! I am exhausted! What an awesome 6 weeks!"
- Alexandria Moseley

"Great 6 weeks!  I am interested to see my before and after pictures side by side.  I know I have leaned out and made muscle.  Thanks Christine!!"
- Lori O.

"I loved every part of this program! I've always jumped around from different types of exercise until I found your workouts! I'm addicted! So hard but so rewarding! I've definitely seen my strength, endurance and form increase greatly! I can't wait until your next challenge! Thank you greatly for helping me become more fit! :)"
- Jamie Bryan

"Thank you for creating the 6 week challenge.  It was incredibly hard at times but the results and my improved strength and endurance pushed me to finish every time. I look forward to your next challenge.  I love all of your workouts in general. They have made me really enjoy my workouts again and see results faster than ever!"
- Kristin Ritter

"Yeah 6 weeks! I faithfully did all 6 weeks and really enjoyed them! I always enjoy your honesty and you are a true inspiration !  LOVE YAS and Thank YAS!!"
- Deanne Tepen

"Good news as of this morning I have
lost 9 lbs since we started... Woohoo!  So thankful to you and thankful for all you have done to help me and support me.
You are a true gift..."

Are you sick and tired of Fad Diets?

Have you tried the Atkins Diet? South Beach? Paleo? Gourmet Raw Food? Or the "I don't know what I'm doing, so I'll just starve myself" Diet?

Lol!  Yeah, me too!

Do you want to eat more raw food, but don't even know where to start?

Do you miss feeling light on your feet and waking up refreshed?

Has your skin lost it’s healthy glow and brightness?

Do you feel sluggish or tired on your current diet? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions - I've got some good news for you 🙂  But first, let's rewind about 10 years ago...

By the time I was 18 years old, I had reached an all-time high on the scale and an all-time low in the self-esteem department.  I was more than 50 lbs overweight. I took medication for anxiety. I stuffed myself with junk food on a daily basis and my mood was all over the place.

I used traditional methods to diet and lose the weight and just when I thought things were improving my health began to rapidly decline.

I wasn't absorbing nutrients properly, my hair was falling out, I was developing allergies left and right; to food, products, and chemicals, and the combination of all this caused me to have zero energy and horrible brain fog!

First I tried the medical community. After months of their poking and prodding, they didn’t even know what was wrong with me.

Then I tried the holistic approach, with acupuncture, yoga, supplements, rotation diets, still no results.

It took a lot of experimentation and failures, before I finally decided to listen to this crazy guy my Dad found in a strip mall cafe, who told me to eat raw food!

I’m so glad I listened!

Not only did this raw vegan diet save my life, it gave me an amazing new one!

The "Missing Ingredient" in most people's diet plans...

I’m here to share what has worked well for me for 6 years. Others have seen success with it long-term as well and I hope that you will join us in reclaiming your life and health too!

In similar plans you may also see amazing benefits in a short period of time, but they are not sustainable long-term, which can cause you to bounce back to where you were before.

Juicing plans are wonderful as a kick start, but where do you go from there?

And gourmet raw food tastes... well, gourmet, but it will cost you a fortune in equipment and superfoods. Not to mention, that you'll usually feel like you just ate a brick, with all those nuts!

Many recipes and meal plans can be really time consuming, with dehydrating and soaking, and you need something that fits into your schedule and life!

So what are most people missing out on when they embark on a new diet?  COMMUNITY. Without someone you can turn to, someone's who been there or is going through the same things as you... well you're in for an uphill battle.

When I finally started to turn my health around I couldn't have done it without such a great mentor and community. This lifestyle was something so new and different than what I was used to.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward To After Joining

  • Feeling lighter on your feet
  • More restful sleep
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Desiring far more fresh fruits and veggies
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Having more energy during workouts
  • Reduced workout and stress recovery time
  • Clearer and more hydrated skin

When you remove the heavy digestive load of processed foods and animal products, your body can go back to taking care of itself...

Eating fresh fruits and veggies in a delicious way will help you to feel vibrant again.  It can give you a glow like no other diet!

When your body isn't focused on digesting such heavy food like meat, dairy, and processed foods, it can focus on cleaning and repairing.  Your sleep can be deeper and more restful!

If you're sleep is more restful and you're getting more nutrients in your body, you can feel sustained energy until the evening, without midday crashes.

It feels great to be able to enjoy fruit and veggies in a new way, not just as a snack here and there, but as delicious meals that are packed with the best nutrition!

You will find it easier to reach your goal weight when toxic foods and habits are removed.

Maintaining your weight also becomes easier as you get into a routine and your body loves what you're doing.

Extra energy will now be available to you so you can play with your kids, work out, and get in shape.

Recovery from workouts, sickness and stress in general, is found to be quicker and easier when you eat more raw fruits and veggies!

You may also notice that your skin heals faster, looks brighter, clearer, and more hydrated.

And don't worry!  You WILL get enough protein!

Your 30 Day Personal Program Will Include:

  • 30 Day Transitional Meal Plan

Together we will transition from eating raw breakfasts and snacks in Week 1 to trying out a totally raw lifestyle in Week 4. You will be able to download PDF files (viewable on any device and easy to print) for each day's menu and each week's recipes, so you are fully equipped with an enjoyable and easy-to-follow meal strategy.

  • My Favorite Recipes

You will be enjoying some of my classic and most favorite recipes that have been switched up a bit and tailored to better suit your needs. This program includes all the directions for how to mix, chop, and blend your way to better health - one meal at a time.

  • Private Facebook Support Group

We will be sharing helpful info, tips and also struggles with each other on our Facebook support group. I will be hanging out and having fun with you guys on there, sharing pics, videos and seeing what you're up to. We will also have assistance from my wonderful friend Ali Washington, who is a Registered Nutritionist, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Author of 'The Perception Diet'.

  • Weekly Members-Only Videos

Each week you will have access to 4 new videos that range in topics from: the ripeness of fruit, the kitchen items you’ll want to have on hand, socializing on a raw diet, cravings and emotional eating, how to switch to more natural products for yourself and in your home and much more!

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

Every week you will be given a simple shopping list to help you prepare for the week ahead. There may be a difference in the amounts needed for men vs. women, which we will make note of on the lists.

  • Two Live Video Hangouts

We will all come together for a live video hangout twice during our 30 day transition. On the Facebook Group we can talk about topics you’d like to hear about for these videos and do some live Q&A in them as well.

  • Daily Affirmation Emails

Sometimes we just need a quick note of encouragement to stay motivated or inspire us. You will be receiving a quick email every day from me with a quote that inspires me and some of my thoughts about it. My hope is that it will make you smile and keep you on track with your goals.

  • Daily Journal Entries

In each affirmation email there will be a prompt to fill out a short journal entry. This should take around 5 minutes of your time and will be beneficial for you to look back on to see what worked for you and what didn’t. It will be up to you to take advantage of this opportunity, but I think it will be highly beneficial if you do.

Don't worry!  You won't be eating kale salads every day!
Check out some of the delicious meals you can enjoy...

30 Days To Better Health: Week-by-Week Breakdown...


“Let’s Get This Party Started”

We'll be taking it a little easy on you.  The transition will be gradual and each week you should feel more and more confident with what you're doing.


“Getting Down + Dirty”

We'll be taking things to the next level where you can really begin to feel the benefits.


“Are We There Yet?”

We are going “all in” together and doing the deep cleaning and restoration your body is craving.


“You Got This!”

Should be no big deal for you. You've got this down and you're feeling and seeing the difference!

Our Awesome You In Bloom Community...

As much I’d love to see everyone seeking help take advantage of this program, I know it’s just not for everyone.  Here are some signs to help you decide for yourself whether this is the best program to support YOUR healthy lifestyle transition:

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You're already successfully eating a raw food diet
  • You do not enjoy any fruits or vegetables
  • You're not interested in trying a vegan or raw diet
  • You don't like to follow recipes or prepare food
  • You don't want to prepare something different from what your family is eating
  • You're not willing to make a small investment in your long-term health
  • You don't have the budget for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • You don't know how to use email or the internet well or log into a website
  • You do not have a blender and aren't willing get one (you can get a blender at many stores for around $40)
  • You are on medications that may interact with eating fruit or changing your diet
  • You are on medications that you and your doctor are not ready to take you off of
  • You aren't ready to change your lifestyle yet

This program is IDEAL for you if:

  • You've tried eating raw before, but felt confused about what and how much to eat
  • You haven't been feeling your best despite enough sleep and being mostly healthy
  • Your energy has decreased in the past few years
  • You're tired of getting sick all the time
  • You want more energy to get through the day and to work out
  • You have moderate health issues, such as Type ll Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Asthma, but are not on medication
  • You have issues from being overweight
  • You are looking to lose weight
  • You want to maintain weight loss
  • You're looking to clear up acne
  • You're pretty healthy, but you're curious to see if you can improve your health or fitness
  • You're looking to increase your endurance during workouts
  • You'd like to improve workout recovery
  • You'd like to balance your hormones
  • You’d like to improve your overall mood

"My joint pain has completely subsided, my eczema and acne has also gone away, my stomach finally feels like it’s normalizing and healing from leaky gut.
I have so much more energy without coffee or sugary foods."

Ready to get started?  Here's how it works:

We’ll be starting this journey and transition together on Monday, June 15th.

When you join us you will receive an email with login information. You can immediately log into the website and watch the Welcome and Introductory Videos, which will explain the basics of how our adventure together will work.

At that time, you will also be able to view the menu and recipe guides and shopping list for Week 1, for those of you who like to plan ahead. We want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you during this transition.

Access to the Facebook Group, the Videos for Week 1, and your Journal Pages will be available this weekend.  Please log into the FB group before the program starts to say hi and tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you there!

A few more of the recipes you'll be enjoying in the You In Bloom program...

So, how much does this cost?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 🙂  For 30 days of personal email coaching with me, it would cost $500.  Doing one on one coaching requires a lot of care and attention, which is why I only took on a few clients at a time.  But that doesn’t include meal plans, weekly videos, shopping lists, daily email affirmations, live video hangouts or a Facebook support group.

The You In Bloom Program is intended to be available in the future, to help people at any time, when they’re ready to get started.  Much thought and time was put into how to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

Something I have focused on in the meal plans is what I learned from my mentor.  He told me “it’s always better to add rather than subtract, when changing your diet”.  That’s what we’re doing together, adding in so much good food that gradually the unhealthy habits fall away.

IMPORTANT:  Because we want to be available for support and attention to all Bloomers - this group is LIMITED TO 30 MEMBERS.  So if you want in - make sure you join today.  This group starts on Monday, June 15th.  ALREADY HAVE MY BOOKS?  Click here for a special discount that expires this week.

By joining today, you'll also get access to....

BONUS 1: All My eBooks

Immediately after you joining you'll be able to download all 4 of my best-selling eBooks.

  • Delicious Raw Recipe Guide
  • Easy To Be Raw
  • Easy To Be Raw Desserts
  • You In Bloom

BONUS 2: Exclusive Interviews

You'll also get my series of personal, in depth video interviews featuring:

  • Kristina Carillo-Bucaram (FullyRaw)
  • Arnold Kauffman (My Mentor)
  • Josh Fossgreen (Raw Food Freedom)

Join By June 12th and Get My Exclusive Vision Boarding Hangout, In-Depth Interviews With Ali Washington and More...